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Links to Websites and Email Lists

This is a list of my favorite Web sites and Email lists.

Understanding Operant Conditioning
An Animal Trainer's Introduction To Operant and Classical Conditioning

The Start Puppy Training (SPT) e-mail group
Cricket owns this list for positive puppy training and other helpful puppy issues.

Linda Tellington-Jones TTEAM-TTOUCH
Learn more about TTouch and find a practitioner near you.

Dogs Naturally Magazine
A bi-monthly natural dog care resource.

The Whole Dog Journal
A monthly guide to natural dog care and training.

AAHA Report
2006 Canine Vaccine Guidelines and Recommendations

Raw Learning
Learn how easy it is to feed a raw diet to your dog.

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Locate a positive trainer in your area.

The Pet Professional Guild Travel Guide
Tips on traveling with your pet.

Dog Food Comparison Charts
Nutritional comparisons of most commercially available foods, including new raw products.

Natural Rearing web page
Info and advice on raising healthy dogs the natural way.

Only Natural Pet Store    Dogwise    Pet Expertise    Animal Den    Pet Purity