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True Awakenings®

True Awakenings

True Awakenings® is a method by which we can change any and all subconscious beliefs that limit us. It was developed by my friend, Caren Beach, as an outgrowth from her PSYCH-K training and practice. It offers new insights and the means for overcoming our internal obstacles.

Caren is my mentor and has helped me with my own healing, as well as having taught me her True Awakenings® method. While originally developed for work with humans, I have found that the same principles apply to our animals, and that they can equally benefit from this work. This work allows me to facilitate clearing out unwanted belief patterns in both partners in the canine-human relationship.

The nature of energy work allows me to use True Awakenings® without being physically present with the person or animal. If you are struggling with an issue with your dog and have been unable to resolve it with training and other methods, you’ll want to give True Awakenings® a try. Go to the Client Registration page to get started.

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True Awakenings

In 1980, Bruce Lipton, PhD, a cellular biologist at Stanford University’s School of Medicine, discovered that it is our beliefs, more than our genes, which control our life experience. Lipton’s work is corroborated by quantum physics studies and epigenetics, both avenues by which we are changing the way we see the world. As a result, we now know that our emotions and physical health are directly connected to our beliefs. A fearful thought will become part of your belief system, and will detrimentally affect every cell of your body without you even being aware of it.

True Awakenings

Scientists have long understood that our “mind” is comprised of different “levels”. Our thinking and logic reside in our “conscious” mind. It contains all the stuff we “know” and are aware of.

The “subconscious” mind exists at a deeper level, much like an underground stream. This is where our belief patterns reside and is the seat of our emotions.

Our experiences in life, especially when we are young, get filed away in our subconscious mind, and can later emerge, having been triggered by the smallest things, a sound, a smell, something someone might say to us. These otherwise innocuous triggers activate feelings we associated with the initial experience, and may be good or bad. True Awakenings® gives us the power and ability to rid ourselves of the bad associations, which have been and still are negatively impacting our lives.

The third level is our “Super-conscious” mind, our higher self. It is the connection to our Source – our God, our spiritual leader, our Divine connection – that always wants what is in our highest and best interest. The goal of healing via True Awakenings® is to unite these three different minds so that they work in harmony for our highest and best good.

The question then becomes how one can determine what one’s highest and best interest is? For years a variety of health practitioners have used muscle testing, to determine how best to treat a patient, and to determine what foods and supplements are best for that patient. Muscle testing works as a type of lie detector. We ask a muscle to be strong and resist gentle pressure. It can do so as long as the “truth” is told or the substance under question is “good”. If the question, substance, or even a thought is “bad” (not in the subject’s highest and best interest), then the muscle becomes weak and cannot resist the applied pressure. You can learn more about using muscle testing in the book “Power vs. Force” by David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD.

True Awakenings® uses muscle testing to communicate with the subconscious and Super-conscious minds. By asking questions and muscle testing, we find those unwanted beliefs and replace them with the very most desirable ones by doing a True Awakenings® alignment. The True Awakenings® alignment changes the destructive subconscious belief quickly and permanently, replacing it with a positive belief by rewriting the software of the mind, and integrating the hemispheres of the body. It is amazingly easy to do an alignment, and the changes are “saved” forever in the cells of the body tissues. The alignment process allows the body to restore itself to the state of health that is its Divine nature and we experience a new quality of life.

There are built-in safeguards in the True Awakenings® process to ensure that an alignment is used only for good and with permission from the Source connection to one’s Super-conscious mind. Any attempted change must be in the person’s or animal’s highest and best interest or else permission will not be given, and the change will not occur.

When working with animals, we must rely upon the use of a human surrogate to do the alignments. If the owner is willing and open, they can act as the surrogate. Otherwise I energetically take the animal’s place for the purpose of doing any muscle testing and performing the alignment.

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