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Pawsitive Dog

I love dogs! And I know you do too. I also know it takes more than just love to have a happy, healthy relationship with them. What you may not realize or fully appreciate is that just like humans, dogs have needs, wants, and desires; when those aren’t being met your relationship with them will deteriorate. The good news is that dogs are wonderful teachers, and if you open yourself to learning from them you will both benefit and develop a deeper bond with each other.

My holistic approach to training will address the physical, mental, and emotional needs of your dog and help you learn to communicate clearly, meet your dog's needs, and develop a relationship based on mutual trust and respect – without fear, force, pain, or intimidation. My 15 years of study working with dogs has earned me a variety of "tools" I can use to help you and your dog. The Behavior Consultation page is the foundation. I also use TTouch, Healing Touch, Behavior Adjustmemt Training (BAT), True Awakenings®, and Other Stuff as I feel is appropriate for the dog and situation. Let me share my years of experience and knowledge of clicker training, Bridge & Target training, Tellington TTouch, Healing Touch, and BAT with you, and allow me to give you the tools to teach your dog the skills he needs to live comfortably in your world. Join me in exploring this wonderful world of dogs. Browse my site, learn a few things, and share with a friend. Most of all, remember to have fun with your dog and tell him how much you love him.

Pawsitive Dog

Now here’s where YOU play a really important role! Since your dog can’t seek out my help when he’s feeling confused, frustrated, or anxious, it’s up to you to recognize when your relationship has gotten off course. Whether you just need some fine-tuning or things are completely hay-wire, I can help.

And if things are good, but you want to explore a deeper and greater connection with your best buddy, let me show you the way. If you’re ready to take the next step in improving your relationship with your dog, call or e-mail me now.

I have a special place in my heart for dogs with shyness and aggression issues. These dogs are often very misunderstood, frightened and anxious.
If you love a dog like this, please contact me. I can help.

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